About the Show

Join our host Michael ?Fezz? Nazarec in each episode as he meets the people who make the craft beer scene the unique, interesting and fun world that it is.

Fezz is constantly out meeting those behind craft breweries, both long established and freshly poured. This includes the business of craft beer as well as the actual brewers themselves. He?ll also introduce you to those behind the establishments that love and promote craft beer. These will be bars, pubs, restaurants and festivals that have been around for years and have grown with the business or new kids on the block that are riding the surging wave of craft beer popularity. Fezz will also be digging into the heavier stories that relate to craft beer, such as advocacy groups and campaigns doing their part to grow the beer love! We?ll also give some regular attention to what could be considered the heart of craft beer? the home brewer.

Beer! will feature regular components in each episode. One of these will be ?Experts and Rubes.? Here we will task some self-proclaimed beer know-it-alls with tasting and evaluating a few brews. Then we?ll grab some indiscriminate lager louts and get them to sample a few varieties, get their feedback and ideally just expose them to some of the great beer options available. Fezz will also do a taste test each episode with samples based on specific styles and/or seasonal brews. Michael knows his stuff. Trust him and your palate is in for some very interesting tasting adventures!

The Beer! production crew is rounded out by Tim Davis and Robin Barber (producers) and George Laszuk (camera/technical producer). Together the Beer! group has over 120 years of extensive television experience. It?s up to us to make Fezz and the beer look great!

We?re always on the look out for more story ideas. If there is something you think we should spread the word about, tell us! Whether it?s a new brewery, a specific beer, a great craft beer blog, or a new pub or restaurant, let us know.