Meet the Host

Michael ?Fezz? Nazarec is the host of Beer! He brings a wealth of beer knowledge to the show having been a home brewing ace for many years: name a variety and chances are Fezz has taken a crack at it. Like any passionate home brewer he continues to experiment regularly. This interest has lead Michael to head up home brew clubs in both Calgary (Cowtown Yeast Wranglers) and Toronto (TRASH: Toronto Regional Association of Specialty Brewers), with TRASH being awarded the Best Homebrew Club in Canada by the Canadian Amateur Brewing Association 5 times. Fezz is also constantly seeking out both local and international new brews and establishments that have a craft beer presence. Some of his current favourite beer styles are: West Coast India Pale Ale, English Extra Special Bitter, Belgian Tripel, Flemish Oud Bruin, Gueuze Lambic, Smoked Porter and Berliner Weisse, to name a few.

Prior to starting production on Beer!, Michael was already documenting his beer related travel experiences on his blogs Fezzbeertrek2012, Fezzbeertrek2011 and Fezzbeertrek2010. You will be able to find many on these reports here on the Beer! website. As you read Fezz?s work and watch Beer! you?ll discover that he really does have a refined, expert palate. Watch, listen and learn!

Fezz is also not a rookie at television having worked as an audio technician for 25 years on many well known productions such as CBC?s Hockey Night in Canada, the Juno Awards, World Cup Alpine Skiing and a number of international events including 6 Olympic Games. Fortunately for craft beer lovers Michael has now stepped in front of the camera to share his beer brain with the world!

Should you see Fezz out in your favourite local or shooting a new episode with the Beer! crew, be sure to introduce yourself. There are always new and interesting beers out there for all of us to discover, enjoy and talk about.