Open for Beer Business


Strathcona Beer Company softly opened last Friday and despite the limitations of the Tasting Room License (one 12 oz glass per customer or a short flight of 4 only), the pizzas were flying out of the kitchen and post flight, many growlers and 40 oz bottles of the Belgian Gold were going out the door. Social media works it seems, as we weren’t sure we would be able to unlock the doors that day up until it happened. Any day now, we hope to have the Lounge Endorsement, and a few more beers on tap.

IMG_0571There were 5 beers on tap last Friday. We had the aforementioned Belgian Gold (6.66%), a tip of the hat to some of my fave Belgian abbey style beers, golden coloured with dollops of candi sugar and noble hops, a malty treat. The tart Lemon Radler (3.5%) is almost sour, but puckeringly thirst quenching. At the other end of the spectrum are the British IPA (6%, 60 IBUs) modestly balanced, full flavoured, more subdued hop wise compared to most West Coast styles, but accentuating the malt; and the ISA, India Session Ale (4.2%, 60 IBUs), a very sessionable brew, this one more to West Coast standards.

IMG_0514Lastly was the English Dark Mild (3.8%), made with Midnight Wheat and Chocolate Rye. We brewed this on our pilot system, Nick Nazarec’s recipe. It went so quickly that we just have to make it full scale. Coming soon to a glass near you.

We are already working on new beers, new recipes for the fall, hoping to explore some darker and denser beer styles – stout, porter, Dubbel, etc., but also a Fresh Hop in September.


IMG_0588Coming up soonish: Kolsch, Vienna Lager, Saison, Dry Hopped Sour, Berliner Weiss and the highly anticipated Premium Pilsner.

We also plan on introducing a weekly cask series, once things are up and running and we can find the time.